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The Art of DESIGN

Pen to Paper TO PROTOTYPE to product

Our multi-mission wearable light, the Luminette, is the result of a three-year stuctured design process. Of course, we've all heard the stories, a sketch on a napkin, a midnight epiphone, a niggling idea that blossoms into an obsession. In fact, it requires a lot of hard work and solid design to make an idea an invention and then a product. As primarily Inventors we focus on the design of things, bringing eloquent concepts to life as robust and interesting products. At Damn Solid Design, you buy directly from the inventor for practical innovation, reliable products and lowest possible cost.

Solid design begins with a novel idea, a solution to a problem or an opportunity for improvement not yet realized. We brainstorm it, looking for reasons why it is not viable or if there is a better way. If it passes that "common sense" test, the idea is actualized in a proof-of-concept prototype which is tested comprehensively, what we think of as the "hard knocks" test. Finally, it gets dressed in a handsome, ergonomic form and is subjected to what we call the "nice and pretty" and "blind eye" test. Solid design ensures that products like our Luminette wrist light for example, or the AquariVac aquarium vacuum will be used and valued for many years and generations to come.



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